More Details On Kenny Omega’s Controversial Comments During Recent Talent Meeting

Kenny Omega

More details have emerged regarding Kenny Omega’s questionable comments during a recent AEW talent meeting.

Prior to All Out, AEW held a mandatory talent meeting to cover a variety of issues in the company. Former AEW World Champion, and Executive Vice President of the company, Kenny Omega was one of the people that spoke at said meeting.

While morale was said to have improved following the congregation, a comment from Omega seemingly irked a number of talents.

Reports emerged that Kenny Omega told the roster that he would not have hired eight out of ten of them. According to Dave Meltzer, these comments were misinterpreted and were simply meant as a teasing comment to Omega’s rival Will Ospreay, who was present at the meeting.

However, a new exclusive report from Cultaholic suggests that this may not have been the case.

Cultaholic’s source gave more details on the alleged speech, claiming that Omega turned to Ospreay after his comment and said that the British star didn’t even work in AEW yet he could wrestle circles around everyone in the room.

The report from Cultaholic also notes that the source interpreted Omega’s comments as an expression of unhappiness with what the company had turned into.

The tensions between talent were obviously not erased at this meeting and led to a now infamous backstage brawl following All Out, resulting in numerous top names being suspended by the company.

Talent meetings seem to have become common place in AEW nowadays, with reports stating that yet another one took place prior to last night’s Dynamite Grand Slam event.