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Mordecai – “I Was Supposed To Face Undertaker But I Got In A Bar Fight”

The Undertaker

Former WWE Superstar Mordecai has revealed that his planned feud with The Undertaker was brought to an abrupt halt because of his part in a bar fight.

Mordecai made his televised WWE debut in 2004 at the Judgement Day pay-per-view where he made short work of Scotty 2 Hotty. Promising to rid the world of sin while cloaked in pure white, Mordecai then defeated Hardcore Holly at The Great American Bash in June but the writing was already on the wall for the character. Mordecai was last seen on SmackDown on the 29th of June 2004 where he lost to Rey Mysterio before returning to OVW.

There seemed to be big plans for the character in the beginning but speaking on UnSKripted, the man behind the white gear Kevin Fertig has discussed why a planned program with The Undertaker and WWE Hall Of Famer Eddie Guerrero fell apart:

“I was supposed to go against The Undertaker [and] Eddie Guerrero. I was supposed to do a lot of stuff. But I ended up being an idiot and I got into a fight in a bar and it just didn’t work out – just didn’t work out that way, man. So, live and learn.”

Fertig then explained why he felt he maybe didn’t have an old enough head on his shoulders at the time to realise the opportunities being presented to him:

“Getting told you are about to go against The Undertaker and possibly main-event a WrestleMania match – I don’t know if you have the, I guess, business sense [in one’s late 20s]. You always say, ‘Hey, if I could have, would have, should have back then…’ Now at 45, if I could have known what I know now and done it then, it would have been a totally different ballgame.”

Fertig resurfaced in WWE as Kevin Thorn in 2006 as part of the revived ECW brand. He stayed with the company until 2009 but the undoubted highlight of his WWE career came when he competed at WrestleMania 23 as part of The New Breed who lost to the team of ECW Originals.

h/t Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription