Moose Outlines Plans To Unify TNA & IMPACT World Championships [Exclusive]

Moose & Rich Swann

IMPACT Wrestling star Moose has spent a year of blood, sweat, tears and time doing everything possible to try and re-legitimise the TNA World Championship. From defeating several legends and even one of the belt’s most prestigious champions, EC3, at his own game, the former NFL star has undoubtedly tried his hardest to make sure IMPACT fans recognise the title, even if the company doesn’t.

However, in a recent conversation with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Moose revealed how he doesn’t think the belt will ever be truly recognised as legitimate until he takes the IMPACT World Championship.

“I’ve done everything that I could possibly do with the TNA Heavyweight Championship and people still don’t think it’s legitimate. So I feel like the thing now to do, to make all those naysayers believe in what I have been doing the last few months, is to take what they feel like is legitimate from their current champion – and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Moose, however, would go on to say the titles aren’t needed for vindication that he made the right choice switching from the gridiron to the squared circle.

“I don’t think I need to win any title for any kind of vindication of leaving the National Football League, or the NFL, or leaving the football. I think I’ve already proved that I’m probably one of THE best athletes to cross over from the football side to wrestling. I think there’s enough vindication for my decision for switching sports.

I mean, if you ask fans to name their top five, I’ll be in that top five, either at one or one of those five they pick. For me, that’s enough vindication. As for right now, just continue to have fun and live this dream of mine.”

You can read the full interview here.

Thanks so much to Moose for taking the time, and to IMPACT UK & Ireland for facilitating the interview. Fans in the UK & Ireland can catch IMPACT! every Wednesday on FreeSports at 10pm.