Moose Claims Not Being “A F***ing Mark” Made Him A Bigger Star


IMPACT World Champion Moose has claimed that stopping being a “f***ing mark” helped propel him to the next level in his career.

Moose had built a stellar wrestling career for himself primarily in Ring Of Honor before he joined IMPACT Wrestling in 2016. Despite holding other titles in the company, it wasn’t until late 2021 that the Maryland-native captured his first IMPACT World Championship.

Speaking to his IMPACT colleagues Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows on Talk N Shop, Moose was asked what helped him take his career to the next level, the IMPACT World Champion was clear, for him, less is more:

“I stopped being a f*cking mark. There was a point in wrestling where I just wanted to wrestle. For instance, I haven’t wrestled on TV since October. Two years ago, I’d be mad about that. ‘Why the f*ck am I not wrestling?’ I never looked at the bigger picture. I’m getting more over not f*cking wrestling. That’s the thing people don’t realize; the f*cking wrestling doesn’t fucking matter.”

“It’s great if you can do it, but what matters is talking, being cool, looking like a star. That’s what f*cking matters. Making people want to see you. That’s what f*cking matters. When I stopped being a mark and being like, ‘oh, I want to hit this move and do cool sh*t,’ I had to get off that mindset.”

“When I get the call sheet on Thursday before the flight and I see I have to wrestle I’m like, ‘Goddamnit.’ It breaks my heart when I have to wrestle. I like not wrestling.”

Moose will put his IMPACT Wrestling World Championship on the line at Rebellion against the man he defeated in just seven seconds for the gold, Josh Alexander.

h/t Fightful