Montez Ford Recalls The Hilarious Moment He Got An Erection Before Wrestling

Montez Ford WWE

WWE Superstars Montez Ford and Bianca Belair are one of the industry’s most sought-after wrestling couples.

After meeting WWE’s developmental system the duo were married in 2018. The popular couple is set to star in their own reality series which will dive into what their life is like outside of WWE.

The Hulu series is yet to air but viewers of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen got an early and intimate peak into the world of the star couple. During the interview, the host asked the couple a stream of quickfire questions with some seriously personal subject matter.

The first question was fired at the member of Street Profits with Cohen asking him if he ever got a “boner” while wrestling. In reply, Ford admitted that he very nearly gave the WWE universe a lot more than they bargained for when he got a bit excited before a match.

“Yes. They were showing a package one time of my wife right before my match and that’s when it happened.”

Montez Ford Was Recently Put Into Horny Jail By Drew McIntyre

Ford recently celebrated Valentine’s Day by posting a photo of him smiling alongside a picture of Belair making her way to the ring on Raw with the caption:


Ford’s post went viral before Drew McIntyre quickly replied with a meme saying that Ford needed to be sent to “horny jail” for his thirsty message.

At Elimination Chamber on February 18th, Ford competed in the biggest singles match of his life, and his performance was nothing short of outstanding. Though he was eventually eliminated by Seth Rollins after Austin Theory got his knees up during a splash attempt, the star showed incredible fire and athleticism throughout the bout. At one point, executed a death-defying stunt when he climbed to the roof of the cage before dropping down onto his opponents.

Post-match Ford received plaudits from all over the wrestling world. Both Triple H and Logan Paul took to social media to praise Ford after such a stellar performance, calling the former Raw Tag Team Champion a star and “real MVP”.