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Montez Ford On Potential Singles Run

Montez Ford

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion, Montez Ford revealed his thoughts on a potential singles run in an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com.

On who he would like to face in singles, Ford advised he would love to face all three members of The New Day, one on one:

“Yeah, I would definitely like to work all three individually, but I would definitely say Kofi Kingston because of what he’s done for our generation and how he’s paved the way. He’s a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion man. To me, that’s like, being in the ring with him on a singles match, it’s just like putting my mark and stamp on the WWE entertainment business as a whole.”

Montez Ford added that he didn’t expect his Street Profits team with Angelo Dawkins to split anytime soon, but if they were to be separated, both men would support the other:

“But as far as us having singles matches, it’s one of the things that like, if myself and Dawkins were to get drafted and go separate ways, it would definitely be one of those situations where like, he’ll support me and be all for it and vice versa. It’s one of those things where we’ll just be supportive, man.”

Ford and Dawkins have reigned as SmackDown Tag Team Champions since the October 12, Raw.

You can read the full interview with Ford here.