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Montez Ford Defends Tag Team Title Swap With The New Day

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins make their entrance.

In a new interview Montez Ford has defended the decision to swap the Tag Team Titles during the WWE Draft in October.

During the draft both sets of tag team champions were drafted to opposite shows. To remedy this, WWE then had the Street Profits and The New Day switch titles in a backstage segment with Adam Pearce, so Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins became SmackDown Tag Team Champions while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods took possession of the straps for the red brand. The decision was met with much consternation with fans online, and now Ford has defended the move.

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Ford responded to the criticism highlighting that this wasn’t the first time that WWE had switched titles in a similar way.

“People would say, ‘Well you know, that doesn’t make any sense and this and that and the third.’ And I was like, ‘Well, how do they think Ted DiBiase became the WWE Champion?’ Like, Andre the Giant won and he surrendered the title. That’s just as much as swap as it is our Tag Team Titles.”

While the legitimacy of DeBiase’s ‘win’ can be disputed, the swapping and vacating of championships is nothing new.

At Survivor Series the two teams did finally do battle in what was easily one of WWE’s best tag team matches of the year. Something which Ford says feels like a dream.

“I still can’t believe it actually happened. Especially with everything that’s happening this year and like all the limitations and stuff that people not only have gone through and been through, but for us to still… it happened, you know, it happened.”

The New Day have emerged as one of the most celebrated tag teams in WWE’s recent history, and getting to share the ring with them at a big pay-per-view is a big deal. Something not lost on Ford, as he was full of praise their adversaries.

“Kofi Kingston, what he’s done for like myself and becoming the WWE Champion… for Xavier Woods to just be a staple and a genius in his creative tag team genius and ring work. And like, just stuff I watched and idolized, and what motivated me to get here. You know? These guys are pretty much an inspiration. And to be standing across the ring from them and share, like the Survivor Series, another big and huge historic stage, like it’s mind-blowing.”

You can watch the full interview here.