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Molly Holly Recalls Being Asked To Motorboat Trish Stratus

Molly Holly Trish Stratus

Molly Holly has recalled the time where it was suggested during a match that she motorboat her opponent, seven-time WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus.

Holly and Trish Stratus were two of the top women wrestlers in WWE in the early 2000s. Holly defeated Stratus at the 2002 King Of The Ring to claim her first WWE Women’s Championship. That reign lasted for three months before Holly dropped the title back to Stratus at Unforgiven in September.

Molly Holly recounted the tale to Sean Waltman as a guest on his Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast. Holly says an unnamed agent made the inappropriate suggestion for a spot in a match that would see Holly get up close and personal with Stratus.

Molly Holly explained:

“Before Fit Finlay became our agent, they had tried out a few other agents, and I’m not going to name names, but there is an old school wrestler, who I love as a person, who got tried out as one of our agents and no lie is like ‘why don’t we do this spot where you put your face in Trish’s boobs and [motorboat].’ I’m like, ‘What? What are you talking about? Are we rewinding time?’ It was awful.”

“I actually told John Laurinaitis, who was Head to Talent Relations, ‘This guy is going to get in trouble for sexual harassment. He does not mean any harm, he’s just thinking like he’s never seen our show before and doesn’t know what we can do. That’s when Fit Finlay was brought in and it was awesome. Fit was like, ‘You can rip her head off and throw her over the top rope!’ He was excited about making it happen and it totally changed what we were allowed to do and how it worked.”

Fit Finlay has been credited by many of WWE’s female superstars for having a tremendous impact on the improvement of women’s wrestling in the company. Finlay has worked as an agent for WWE since coming to the company following the demise of WCW. After a brief hiatus, he returned in 2012 in a role that he still holds today.

Molly Holly has also recently discussed how upset she was after learning the time she had been given to give her WWE Hall Of Fame speech had been drastically cut.

Credit: Pro Wrestling 4 Life

h/t Fightful for the transcription