Molly Holly Claims She Had “No Problems” With Controversial Comments From WWE Legend

Molly Holly

Molly Holly has opened up about her feelings on a controversial WWE announcer.

During the Attitude Era and into the early 2000s especially, Jerry Lawler became known for his outlandish performances on commentary. His appearances were laden with sexual innuendo, and he repeatedly made sexual comments about female performers. While his comments were sometimes criticised at the time, social attitudes in the 1990s and early 2000s meant they have only really come under serious scrutiny in more recent years.

Molly Holly spent much of career performing during this period and as a result was often on the end of cutting comments from Lawler.

Molly Holly Comments On Jerry Lawler

Speaking during a Highspot Sign It Live appearance, Molly Holly was asked whether she had any issues with Lawler’s commentary. The former Women’s Champion admitted that she would have preferred him to focus on her skills in the ring, but has always liked Lawler and had “no problems” with him commentary.

“I have always liked Jerry and I knew that he had a job to do and he did his job well. I didn’t particularly care of the things he said, but I never held that against him personally. His job was to entertain the demographic that was watching the show and at the time, that was all culturally acceptable and funny. No problems with it even though I would have rather they talk about my athleticism. It was what it was for the time.”

During the signing Holly discussed possibly getting back in the ring at the 2023 Royal Rumble.

Molly Holly ended her full-time wrestling career in April 2005 although she has made a number of appearances with WWE and elsewhere since. The star currently works as a producer with WWE and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.

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