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Mojo Rawley – “Titus O’Neil Is One Of WWE’s Top 3 Most Valuable Guys”

Titus O'Neil Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley has lavished praise on WWE stalwart Titus O’Neill saying he is right at the top of his list of valuable people in the entire company.

O’Neil has been part of WWE since 2009 when he joined their then developmental territory of Florida Championship Wrestling. Over the years O’Neil has been part of various teams but in-ring he was probably best known for his partnership with Darren Young as The Prime Time Players. Together the duo captured the WWE Tag Team Championship from The New Day at Money In The Bank 2015.

More recently O’Neil is best known for his work outside the ring. As an ambassador for WWE, O’Neil participates in numerous charity and community events. This led to him receiving the Warrior Award as part of the Class of 2020 inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, recently released former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley explained how significant a figure he believes O’Neil is for the company.

Rawley stated:

“I was one of the few guys they used for the community service drives. There aren’t a lot of guys in the company that can do those. I know that Titus O’Neil is the poster boy for that stuff. Honestly in my opinion I think Titus is one of the top 3 most valuable people in all of WWE. I know that might come as a shock to some people, but we got tons of guys that can wrestle. Almost everyone on the roster can put on a hell of a match. But how many guys can go out there and make change and bring in a new fanbase from all of the promos that he does? There is no one that does more in that space than Titus. I felt like I was used for both, but again, sometimes those guys don’t get the big Roman Reigns career. But sometimes change needs to happen, whether it comes from you or them.”

Mojo Rawley also discussed his own career in the WWE and how it began through an unlikely connection with friend and four-time Super Bowl champion Rob Grownkowski.

Credit: Insight with Chris Van Vliet

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