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Mojo Rawley Recalls Being Stunned By Yoshi Tatsu ‘Deez Nutz’ Joke

Mojo Rawley & Yoshi Tatsu Posing

Yoshi Tatsu made a lasting impression on Mojo Rawley and the rest of the class in a WWE Performance Center training session!

Former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley recalled a time when Tatsu dropped him with a zinger in the middle of a drill, which had legendary trainer Norman Smiley and the entire class on the floor in laughter.

Speaking to Chris Hero on his on Shoot Conversations podcast Rawley revealed what Tatsu said to crack everyone up:

“One of Norman Smiley’s drills in practice is, you put somebody in a headlock and work on calling spots where no one could hear them. Everyone would stand on the apron and try and listen and if they could hear you, you had to do conditioning drills.

‘Yoshi, tell Mojo a story.’ I’m in a headlock and he’s whispering, ‘I got new CD.’ ‘Okay.’ ‘I got new CD.’ ‘Yes, I heard that part.’ ‘I got new CD.’ ‘What the hell man?’ Call the next thing, the clock is ticking, we’re gonna get buzzed and look like jerks. He’s like, ‘Do you know what CD?’ ‘No! What?’ ‘See deez nuts.’

I lost my mind. I was dying. Norman and the whole class was on the floor.”

Tatsu signed for WWE’s developmental brand FCW in 2007 before making the jump to WWE’s flawed version of ECW in 2009. He went on to appear on RAW, SmackDown and NXT before WWE released him in 2014.

Since his release from WWE, Tatsu returned to NJPW and now plies his trade in All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Mojo Rawley was released by WWE earlier this year as part of the company’s cost-cutting measures, which saw multiple talents depart the promotion. In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Rawley talked about getting into the world of acting now that he’s no longer with WWE. Although, he said he would return to wrestling, just not quite yet.

h/t Fightful for the transcription