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Mojo Rawley On If He Plans To Continue Wrestling & Acting Aspirations

Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley has discussed his potential future in and out of the wrestling world as the former WWE Superstar says he’s ready to try “a little bit of everything.”

Rawley was one of a slew of talents released from his WWE contract on April 15th, 2021. This came ten months after Rawley’s last match with the promotion and brought an end to his nine year stay with the company. During his time in WWE, Mojo Rawley became known for his “Stay Hyped” attitude, as well as his tag team with Zack Ryder, The Hype Bros. Rawley’s crowning achievement in WWE was undoubtedly when he won the André The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33 with more than a little help from long time friend and four-time Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Mojo Rawley discussed what his future holds now that he is a free agent:

“After WWE, the thing that I’m most excited about is that I can do everything now. When you’re under contract with the WWE, that’s your gig, you can’t really operate outside of the company. Now I can do everything, so I don’t have to be known as just one thing. I can do it all! I can focus on the stock market and trading because that’s what my background is in.”

“I even started a company with a couple of my buddies, the Paragon Talent Group, which is actually here to assist people with what I’m going through right now. A lot of guys who leave professional wrestling don’t know what’s next. Especially when leaving the WWE, they don’t know what to do next and don’t know how to represent themselves. They come from this wrestling bubble and that’s it. So, we’re here to assist people with the transition.”

Rawley then added that he wants to do more acting, following in the footsteps of wrestlers-turned-actors such as Batista, The Rock, and John Cena. Rawley is already set to star in the upcoming Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins film.

Mojo Rawley continued:

“Definitely going to get more into the acting space. I will return to the wrestling world, not immediately, we’re gonna hype that one up pretty good. Right now, we’re gonna take this time and enjoy this freedom and do a little bit of everything. You better believe when I come back to wrestling it’s going to be hyped up and a big surprise for everybody.”

Rawley also recently discussed which surprising name he puts among the very top of WWE’s most valuable player list.

Credit: TMZ Sports

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription