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Mojo Rawley Films Himself Outside Alexa Bliss’ Home – “I Wasn’t Invited”

Alexa Bliss

Former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley has jokingly filmed himself outside Alexa Bliss’ home, claiming he wasn’t invited to her birthday party.

In the clip posted to his Instagram stories, Rawley claimed that he wasn’t invited to Bliss’ party but decided to show up and creep on the party anyway.

In reality, Rawley and Bliss have been close friends for some time, and elsewhere on his stories, Rawley shared posts of himself enjoying the party.

This also isn’t the only time Rawley has tried to have some fun at Bliss’ expense. During his time in WWE, the former 24/7 champion regularly posted clips of himself ‘creeping’ in the background of Bliss’ videos.

Mojo Rawley was released by WWE in April 2021 after spending nine years with the company. During that period, Rawley won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33 as well as becoming a seven-time 24/7 Champion.

Rawley recently reflected on his time in WWE and more specifically a short-lived gimmick which saw him appear with face paint. Recalling the gimmick, Rawley said that he was against it from the start, adding “I just painted my face like an idiot for nothing.”

Back in WWE, Alexa Bliss has become involved in a feud with Eva Marie and her protégé Doudrop. The three women have appeared in numerous instalments of Alexa’s Playground with the wicked witch of WWE doing her best to creep out Eva.

Bliss was last involved in the ring at Money In The Bank. Despite not walking away with the coveted briefcase, Bliss left her mark on the match hypnotising Zelia Vega. The former Women’s Champion was later buried under a pile of ladders. This helped pave the way of Nikki A.S.H to claim victory.