MJF Wins AEW World Championship, William Regal Sells His Soul To The Devil


MJF is the new AEW World Champion, but it took a shocking betrayal from William Regal to get the job done at Full Gear.

The Blackpool Combat Club had been built on friendships that went back decades, but that trust and brotherhood, now lies shattered thanks to William Regal. The veteran stepping in at the last moment to cost his man the richest prize in All Elite Wrestling.

MJF Delivers On His Promise

The tone was set for the match as Moxley marched across the ring and planted a slap on MJF to start the action. The Casino Ladder Match winner was the firm favourite with the crowd who hurled abuse at Moxley for the duration.

The match was a chaotic affair with Moxley trying his best to draw his rival into a street fight. MJF delivered a Tombstone on the ring apron but immediately began clutching his knee. With his challenger struggling, Moxley was able to recover and hit a huge Piledriver from the apron through a table on the floor that had been set up by MJF.

With the challenger laid out, it appeared that Moxley might win via count out, but MJF made it back into the ring just in time, only to get flattened by Moxley and a Paradigm Shift. Although he kicked out, Moxley, sensing an opportunity, began to work on MJF’s damaged knee locking in a Figure Four, but the Salt of the Earth managed to find a reversal.

Incredibly, MJF fought back to earn a near-fall of his own, before falling victim to a huge Avalanche Paradigm Shift from the top rope. Despite not being able to kick-out the younger challenger, grabbed the bottom rope to break the pin.

With the star struggling struggling, Moxley begged him to give him his “best f*cking shot” but he only splat at him, although the pair soon began to exchange blows. In a bid to save himself, as Moxley bounced off the ropes MJF pulled the referee into harms way, reaching for the Dynamite Diamond Ring he’d been keeping hidden.

This brought out William Regal who warned the star not to use it, and Friedman acquiesced, although he wasn’t happy about it. As the action continued, a second referee was taken out, meaning no one saw the challenger tap out to the Bulldog Choke.

With Regal imploring Moxley to rouse the referee, he slid a pair of brass knuckles to MJF, who delivered a knockout shot to his rival to claim his first World Title win.