MJF – “Why Would I Want To Roll Around In Jon Moxley’s Blood?”

MJF shrugging

At Double or Nothing, MJF successfully defended his AEW World Championship in a fatal four way match against Darby Allin, Jack Perry, and Sammy Guevara.

The bout was built as a clash between the company’s so-called Four Pillars, pitting some of the company’s homegrown rising stars against one another.

Despite the AEW World Championship being on the line, the bout was not the main event of the show. That honor went to the Anarchy in the Arena match that saw members of The Elite try (and fail) to exact revenge against the Blackpool Combat Club. Barbed wire, an exploding shoe, and thumbtacks were in all in play during the final bout on the card, and the arena was left a mess of blood and weapons.

Speaking in the post-show media scrum, Maxwell Jacob Friedman was asked about his match’s position on the card. The champion made it clear that not only did he not mind going on before the main event, he prefers it as he didn’t want to “roll around in Jon Moxley’s blood.”

“No, why the f*ck would I want to roll around in Jon Moxley’s blood? I’m f*cking good. No thanks. Also, realistically, whether it’s this company or WWE, the World Title, ‘having to go on last,’ kind of is dead in wrestling. How times has the World Title not gone on last in this company?”

Tony Khan pointed to the 2021 edition of Double or Nothing as an example of a show where the AEW World Title didn’t main event. On that occasion, The Inner Circle took on The Pinnacle in a Stadium Stampede match.

“I’d Rather Not Run Around In All That Mid-Blood” – MJF

Friedman continued, saying that he didn’t want to be in so much “mid-blood” and took a jab at Wheeler Yuta in the process.

“I’d rather not run around in all that mid-blood. It’s fucking disgusting. Wheeler Yuta was in that match, you think I want roll around in Wheeler Yuta blood?”

When Tony Khan pointed out that Yuta was one of the men who didn’t bleed in the main event, MJF sarcastically responded:

“Did he not bleed? Wow. Congrats.”

h/t Fightful