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MJF Wellness Check Considered After Signing No-Show

MJF Entrance

A new report has shed more light on MJF missing the meet and greet ahead of Double Or Nothing, with backstage figures concerned for his safety.

On May 28th MJF didn’t appear as advertised at an AEW Double or Nothing fan-fest. The star had been scheduled to appear at the event to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. It was reported that the non-appearance was legitimate and no one from the company was able to contact the star.

MJF did compete at Double Or Nothing where he lost to Wardlow before making an appearance on Dynamite where he laid bare his frustrations with AEW and Tony Khan. Since then reports have emerged that Warner Bros. Dsicovery has ordered the star to be removed from all promotional material relating to AEW.

Now on Fightful’s Backstage Report Sean Ross Sapp has reported more on the signing MJF no-showed. The report states that some in the company were concerned for MJF’s safety and wanted a wellness check completed:

“I heard a little bit more about the meet and greet from Saturday that he no-showed. There were a couple of people that were involved in that you absolutely do not work if you’re anybody in the company and that Tony Khan would not work. They had genuine concern for MJF’s safety. We’re told at one point there’s discussion about having his hotel room kind of busted in to make sure he was safe.”

Sapp went on to add that AEW lost in the region of $10,000 as a result of the three-time Dynamite Diamond ring winner not appearing as advertising with other stars said to be unhappy at having to stay longer at the event:

“There were a couple of wrestlers that had to stay over time and were not happy. There were individual sales of the meet and greets that I’m told were that the AEW keep on that is about $10,000 probably would have cost them to do this. That’s a substantial cost when you’re a company like this and you’re looking to turn a profit.”