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MJF Vs CM Punk Clash Set For Dynamite In Chicago

MJF and CM Punk promo battle

CM Punk and MJF will finally meet in the ring on February 2nd at AEW Dynamite in Chicago.

After weeks of back and forth, powerbombs, rising tension and blistering insults it has been confirmed that MJF and CM Punk will do battle inside the squared circle.

The feud between the two men began back in November, exploding into life on the November 24th edition of Dynamite. Although no physical blows were thrown, two of the best talkers in the game traded scorching one-liners, vicious metaphors and delivered a knock-down drag-out verbal war.

Over the ensuing weeks Punk repeatedly called out MJF for a match, but on each occasion he was left disappointed. Somehow MJF continued to find a way out of the showdown, sometimes by simply walking away after unloading more insults, or by sending others into the ring to take his rival out.

The most bruising of these encounters for Punk came on the January 12th episode of Dynamite where he faced Wardlow. Although Punk got the win, he barely escaped with mind, body and soul intact.

On the January 26th edition of Dynamite, a familiar pattern emerged, Punk came to the ring and called out his rival. Although this time, things were a little different. MJF said that there was no chance he would face Punk in the ring right now, but he would in Punk’s hometown of Chicago on February 2nd.

After more back and forth MJF threatened to come to the ring to fight Punk but was quickly joined by The Pinnacle. FTR, Shawn Spears and MJF laid a vicious beatdown on Punk, topped off by a reluctant Warlow delivering a powerbomb onto a chair.

Keen to leave an exclamation point on his superiority, MJF sat crossed-legged on Punk’s chest to deliver one more insult.

Elsewhere on the show, Sammy Guevara was crowned the Undisputed TNT Champion after overcoming Cody Rhodes in a chaotic ladder match.