MJF Vows To End The Inner Circle At Double Or Nothing


MJF has vowed to end the Inner Circle at Double Or Nothing – in the culmination of what he calls the “most talked about feud in AEW right now.”

Just days away from the rematch between The Pinnacle and Inner Circle’s Blood And Guts rematch at Stadium Stampede Match at Double Or Nothing, Inside The RopesKenny McIntosh caught up with MJF to ask all about his crowning moment at Double Or Nothing, the upcoming Stadium Stampede Match, and whether we may see a woman added to The Pinnacle!

Recalling his time as part of the storyline where he was in the Inner Circle himself, MJF called Chris Jericho a great “friend and mentor” but says the former AEW Champion is an even better stepping stone.

“I enjoy beating up Chris Jericho. It’s fun for me. I’ve said it time and time again, Chris Jericho was a great friend, he was a great mentor, but he’s even better stepping stone. And that was yet another moment, the second time, as a matter of fact, where I’ve beaten Chris Jericho, so I think it’s very obvious now that I am the GOAT.”

MJF went on to say how he will “officially end” the Inner Circle “forever” this Sunday.

“I’m the greatest of all time and I’m looking forward to beating him a third time this upcoming pay-per-view, Double Or Nothing, this Sunday and officially ending the Inner Circle forever.”

Speaking on their brutal Blood And Guts Match being the beginning of the feud rather than the culmination, MJF said he believes it made sense for this particular rivalry.

“I think it made sense for this feud. It’s definitely the most… It’s the biggest, the most talked about feud, let’s be honest, in AEW right now. And it makes sense because there’s so many massive stars involved in the feud, mainly me, let’s be honest again. But I think it worked for us to go out guns a-blazing right away because, let’s face it, there’s genuine hatred or, as you fans like to use insider terms, ‘heat’ there.”

MJF went on to detail that supposed “heat” between the stars involved.

“Spears and Sammy really don’t like each other. Spears hates the fact that a guy that young was able to take a spotlight that Spears felt he should have had 19 years ago and was never afforded the opportunity to. Dax and Cash, Proud and Powerful – they legitimately don’t like each other. Kind of hard to have an even keel and be grounded with one another when you were both raised on completely different sides of American culture. And Chris Jericho and MJF, obviously, you know, at first we got along, but I think it kind of stuck in Chris Jericho’s craw that he’s playing second fiddle to a 25-year-old. Am I shocked by it? Absolutely not, because I’m a prodigy and I’ve been this great since day one. Am I shocked that people are already calling me the number one villain in pro wrestling? Yes, because I think I’m salt of the Earth.”

The 25-year-old added that the brutality didn’t end at Blood And Guts, suggesting Sunday may even one-up the violence!

“Outside of that, no, I thought it made complete sense for us to start off our, quote unquote, ‘feud’, if you will, at Blood And Guts, because there’s a lot of hatred there and you’re going to see just as much hatred and violence at Stadium Stampede. Stadium Stampede is not going to be the match that you saw last year. It’s going to be a very different match.”

AEW Double Or Nothing is available to watch this Sunday via Fite TV outside of the United States. US viewers can watch via B/R Live.