MJF Tells Hollywood Star To “Suck On My Kosher Nuts”

MJF & Ken Jeong

MJF has long held a reputation as a man who can cut an opponent to shreds with just a microphone and the English language, but it would be foolish to ignore his social media prowess.

Aside from his regular trolling attempts featuring pictures with WWE Superstars and backstage figures, the star also appears to take a fight stance against just about anyone who mentions him.

Ken Jeong Falls Victim To MJF

On the October 18th episode of AEW Dynamite MJF got into a fiery promo battle with William Regal before later confronting Jon Moxley and confirming that he will challenge for the AEW World Title at Full Gear.

Seemingly in response, Hollywood star and comedian Ken Jeong, who is best known for playing “Mr Chow” in the Hangover movies simply wrote #MJF on Twitter.

The Salt of the Earth quickly shot back telling ‘Mr Chow’ to “suck on my Kosher nuts.”

On Dynamite MJF opened up about his previous dealings with William Regal after weeks of hints about their past relationship. The number one contender to the AEW World Champion discussed attending a WWE try-out and doing all he could to impress those watching, which included Regal.

However, despite his best efforts the star wasn’t signed but Regal requested he stay in touch. That is until Regal dropped him via email. This lit a fire under the former leader of The Pinnacle who did everything he could to reach the top of the industry.

Regal fired back with a passionate promo of his own explaining that he did what he did in an effort to get would-be megastar to reach even greater heights. Something that worked. Although he is disappointed that the star took shortcuts to get there.

This led to the closing segment of the show where Moxley called out MJF for a match there and then after his bout with Hangman Adam Page was stopped early due to injury. However, instead of agreeing the match there, the Dynamite Diamond Ring winner said that he would meet Moxley at Full Gear where he would be at 100%, because for once he is determined to earn his prize.