MJF Quickly Removed From AEW Roster, ShopAEW Page Taken Down


MJF has been removed from the AEW roster page following an intense promo on AEW Dynamite on Wednesday.

Although AEW announced MJF’s appearance before the show, the segment has since been cut from AEW’s online library, following MJF’s scathing promo on owner Khan, AEW fans and a perceived ex-WWE heavy roster in the back.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who famously named himself as one of AEW’s four pillars, alongside Darby Allin, Jungle Boy Jack Perry and Sammy Guevara, is now a glaring omission from the AEW roster page and his AEWShop page has also been taken down.

During the powerful segment, MJF, delivered an eviscerating 8 minute tirade against Khan and AEW and was only stopped when the live mic was eventually cut.

CM Punk, having just wrestled in a trios match alongside FTR, came to ringside to intervene but the scarf wearing star saw his approach and leapt the barrier to a surprising ovation from the Los Angeles crowd.

The message to Khan was clear, he wants to be fired.

“Tony, look at me, Tony, look at me. I want you to fire me. You f*cking mark, fire me! Fire Me! Fire Me!”

Although no official statement regarding Friedman’s current status has been made, recent releases such as Stu Grayson, have been removed from the roster page prior to any departure announcement being given.

These events follow recent reports that MJF had grown increasingly frustrated at being undervalued in AEW compared to new ex-WWE signees, and whilst his contract runs until 2024, he believes a new deal befitting his status as one of AEW’s top stars should have been offered.

Friedman was soundly beaten during the opening match on Sunday night’s AEW Double Or Nothing PPV by former valet and minder, Wardlow.