MJF Recalls Hilarious Encounter With “Half Naked” Fellow AEW Star

MJF kissing his Dynamite Diamond Ring

In a story so surreal it could only happen in wrestling, MJF has recounted being ambushed in his hotel room by a a half naked fellow AEW star.

While MJF has set his sights on relieving Jon Moxley of the AEW World Championship, in recent weeks he has become side-tracked by another member of the Blackpool Combat Club.

After trading words at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, the Salt of the Earth and Wheeler Yuta again got into it on the September 28th edition of Dynamite. After the pair traded insults in a promo segment, Yuta attacked his rival later in the show, with the pair brawling into the crowd and demolishing the Dynamite Diamond Ring winner’s skybox.

As the rivalry has kicked into gear in AEW, MJF has reminded fans that he and Yuta go way back, uncharacteristically praising his skills in the ring. The star later took to social media to attempt to expose the fact that the former ROH Pure Champion isn’t the nice guy fans seem to think he is. In order to make his point, MJF shared a tweet from 2018 where he said that an “intoxicated” and “half-naked” Yuta had attacked him and forced him to watch Viscera matches.

The star went on to share another tweet showing the confrontation from Dynamite, claiming that Wheeler Yuta should be in jail.

On the October 5th episode of Dynamite, Yuta and his long-time rival will go one-on-one, in what will be MJF’s first match since Double or Nothing.