MJF Discusses Backstage Reaction To Cody Rhodes’ AEW Departure

Cody Rhodes & MJF

MJF has now discussed the backstage reaction in AEW to Cody Rhodes leaving the company and returning to WWE.

MJF and Cody Rhodes have had a storied history in All Elite Wrestling. Whether it was MJF being Rhodes’ pet project, or them being on-screen rivals, the two have always seemed to jell together perfectly. However, fans never got the teased re-match between the two in AEW, with one of the founding members of the Jacksonville-based promotion choosing to jump ship to WWE earlier this year.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on “The MMA Hour“, MJF gave his thoughts on Rhodes’ departure from AEW, stating he respects the American Nightmare for making decisions he felt right for himself:

“If you look historically at our industry, I’ll give you a prime example. Okay. Let’s talk Terry Funk. Massive, major star in the history of professional wrestling. Did Terry Funk only wrestle for one company in the entirety of his career? No … Terry Funk, like me, was a massive draw. So, I do not blame Cody Rhodes for his decision. Cody Rhodes did what was best for Cody Rhodes.”

MJF then also shed light on the brighter side, mentioning how the once EVP of AEW leaving opened up spots for the rest of the talent in the locker room:

“Not favorably in the sense that, ‘Yay, Cody’s gone,’ but favorably in the sense that we’re all professional wrestlers and what happens when somebody leaves is, it opens room for opportunities for another person to step up to the plate….When big names leave, big names step up. That’s just how this business works … I think people who were friends with Cody were sad to see him go on a personal level, but this is a very competitive sport.”

In the same interview, MJF revealed that his current AEW deal is still set to expire at the beginning of 2024, so perhaps there’s a possibility of the two rivals meeting again but in a WWE ring.

h/t Wrestling Inc.