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MJF Praises WWE Performance Center’s Ability To Make Stars

MJF cuts a promo

MJF has defended WWE and the Performance Center after a fan claimed that the facility had “produced no one.”

Posting on social media, MJF shared a post from Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy, writing “Where Real wrestlers are taught Real wrestling.”

The wrestling school which is run by Pat Buck and Brian Myers, is where the star trained when he was learning his craft, so trying to shine a little light on the school was nothing out of the ordinary.

However, one fan responded by trying to take a shot at the WWE Performance Center, claiming that the facility had “produced no one.” While the fan may have been expecting MJF to chime in with an insult, he actually defended WWE, naming a list of Superstars who have graduated from the Performance Center.

Despite currently being signed to AEW, the star’s support of WWE may not come as the biggest surprise as the star continues to attempt to incite a bidding war for his services in 2024.

In recent weeks and months, it has been continually reported that ‘The Salt of the Earth’ is becoming increasingly frustrated with the company, as he keeps his options open for when his contract expires.

On the May 11th of Dynamite during a segment with Wardlow, MJF made reference to a “guy in the back” who didn’t want him to talk about it.

These comments came shortly before it was suggested that AEW and MJF may be further apart than first anticipated when it comes to a new deal. While there have been suggestions that the AEW star is still unhappy following what was described as a heated conversation between himself and Tony Khan following an interview the star did without the company’s knowledge.