MJF Passionately Takes A Stand For Disgraced Former WWE Star


MJF has taken a typically forthright stand on social media in defence of Zachary Wentz, who is better known to WWE fans as Nash Carter.

The star signed with WWE in 2020 alongside his tag team partner Dezmond Xavier who was given the name Wes Lee. The pair known as MSK were heavily featured in NXT, winning the Tag Team Titles twice as well as the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

However, that run came to a shuddering halt in early 2022 when Nash was fired by the company. His exit came after his wife made claims of “emotional and mental abuse.” She also shared a photo of Wentz seemingly performing a Nazi salute sporting a mustache similar to that worn by Adolf Hitler.

MJF Defends Zachary Wentz

Posting on social media, AEW World Champion MJF has stood by the star claiming that he isn’t an antisemite.

“Part 1.Everyone’s afraid of talking honestly so I will. .

@ZacharyWentzisn’t a antisemite. I lived with him. The fact he’s not on TV right now because a girl (who got caught lying about abuse) couldn’t handle a break up and posted a photo of him doing something in jest is wild.

Part 2. When a wrestler who shall remain nameless keyed my car and called me a k*ke, Zachary went out of his way when everyone else turned a blind eye to check in on me. The court of twitter can sometimes get dirtbags out of our industry. But the court isn’t always right.”

MJF also tweeted his support for the star back in May, but quickly deleted a post where he said that Wentz wasn’t an antisemite and called on people to stop “virtue signaling.”