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MJF To Eddie Kingston – “When Are You Going To Hit The Gym?”

MJF grins at camera

AEW stars MJF and Eddie Kingston have been involved in a heated war of words, with MJF accusing Kingston of not hitting the gym, while Kingston believes MJF is a “scared child”.

The latest episode of Dynamite was held at the UBS Arena in Long Island, which is MJF’s home turf. Ahead of the event, the leader of The Pinnacle was doing promotional interviews when, speaking to Josh Martinez of Z100, he decided to berate fellow New Yorker and AEW star, Eddie Kingston.

“When are you going to hit the gym? That’s my question. You will not find one fat person in the Long Island audience. I can promise you that. Everybody in that Long Island audience is going to be svelte and they’re going to be rocking the Burb. That’s all you’re gonna see.”

Not being one to take insults lightly, Kingston fired back during an appearance on Barstool Rasslin’, saying he thinks MJF is “a scared child”.

“Yeah, see, I don’t think he is [actually an asshole]. I think he’s just a scared child, who is acting like an asshole. I think, you know, this is all an act for him. It’s all gimmick for him. I think he is actually very scared. I’m looking down at the camera because I hope he’s seeing this and understands what I’m saying. He’s a scared child like a lot of people in our locker room. A lot of scared children.”

The two are unlikely to clash in the ring in the near future as Eddie Kingston has recently been battling it out with Daniel Garcia and 2point0, while MJF is embroiled in another war of words with CM Punk.

In the immediate future, though, MJF will defend his diamond ring against Dante Martin at Winter is Coming as they were the two remaining competitors in the Dynamite Diamond battle royal.