MJF Has Not Been Seen Backstage At AEW Double Or Nothing

MJF grins at camera

In an update to the situation surrounding MJF no-showing a Fan Fest event on May 28th, the AEW star has reportedly not yet been seen backstage at Double Or Nothing.

News broke on May 28th that MJF didn’t appear as advertised at an AEW Double or Nothing Fan Fest. The star had been scheduled to appear at the event to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

This was followed by a report which claimed that the three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner had booked a flight out of Las Vegas where Double or Nothing is scheduled to take place, although it seems the Salt of the Earth didn’t get on the plane in the end. The report also detailed how AEW has recently made attempts to discuss a new contract with MJF, even offering “top performer money” to get him to sign an extension, but the 26-year-old has purportedly ignored those efforts and has kept to himself since his tensions with Tony Khan began a few weeks ago.

In a new update to the ongoing situation, both PWInsider and Dave Meltzer have reported that MJF is yet to appear backstage at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

PWInsider also notes that the video package promoting MJF’s scheduled match against Wardlow at Double Or Nothing has been removed from AEW’s official YouTube channel, putting the bout in doubt. The two are set to clash in one of the most highly-anticipated matches of the night. If Wardlow wins, he will be released from his contract with MJF, however, if he loses, not only will he still be employed by the Salt of the Earth, but he will also be unable to get a contract with AEW.