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MJF “Not In A Good Place” Ahead Of Scheduled AEW Fan Fest Appearance

MJF entrance

A new report has offered some insight on MJF’s state of mind during Double or Nothing weekend, hinting at why he missed a scheduled fan-fest appearance.

The day before AEW Double or Nothing, MJF had been scheduled to make an appearance at AEW fan-fest in Las Vegas. However, the star failed to appear, and it was quickly reported that he may have even been about to board a plane out of the city.

This legitimate no-show led many to believe that the ‘Salt of the Earth’ would also skip Double or Nothing itself. Despite these fears, MJF did wrestle as planned on the show, where he was demolished by Wardlow ending their acclaimed long-running feud.

A new report from Wade Keller of PWTorch, speaking on has now attempted to shed some light on the events that led up to the non-appearance. Keller notes that the star “was in a bad place” and in “no place to appear in public” on the day of the meet and greet.

“The way it was portrayed to us is MJF was in no place to be in public. He was in a bad place. And so it just seemed if not mutually agreed upon [it was] pretty obvious to everybody that it would be good for him to not make a public appearance yesterday.

So that kind of got things rolling…I’ve been learning stuff behind the scenes off record and on background for a while and pieced together some more details as this story went along. This weekend was circled, I was told, as a weekend that people in AEW were hoping that Tony and MJF could sit down and hash out their differences. There was just hope that cooler heads would prevail.

Tony Khan on social media can come across sometimes as defensive. But his demeanour otherwise, at least from anything anybody’s seen that I’ve talked to is pretty calm, cool, collected…MJF is a little different. MJF gets really worked up. And by all accounts, he’s been so worked up that he just became sort of withdrawn and bitter to observers and people who have been around him or observed him at Dynamite lately.”

The same report also claimed that a number of former WWE Superstars including Christian, Mark Henry, Malakai Black, Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk are earning up to five-times more than MJF is. This is despite him receiving a pay-rise in January.

It was reported on May 30th that MJF didn’t head home following Double or Nothing, instead he was scheduled to have a sit down meeting with AEW President Tony Khan.

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