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MJF Names His All-Time Dream Opponent

MJF grins at camera

MJF has revealed the identity of his his all-time dream opponent, describing them as the only person who could hold a candle to him on the microphone.

AEW star MJF has often been compared to the great and the good of wrestling’s past, but it’s comparisons with one particular WWE Hall of Famer that have always stuck. Those with Rowdy Roddy Piper.

While Piper could tell as story as well as anyone in the ring, it was his razor sharp ability on the microphone that propelled him to legend status. It is that talent with microphone in hand that many also see in MJF.

The young AEW star even leaned into the comparisons during his bloody feud with CM Punk. Both MJF and Punk referenced Piper on multiple occasions, with Punk asking his rival if he would “be his valentine” when challenging him to a dog collar match at AEW Revolution. A reference to the legendary series of Dog Collar matches between Piper and Greg Valentine, most notably at Starrcade 1983.

Speaking during an Q&A show in Liverpool, England, with For The Love of Wrestling, hosted by Monopoly Events, The Salt of the Earth named Roddy Piper as his dream opponent. With a little dig thrown in at CM Punk for good measure of course.

“Roddy Piper,” MJF replied. “I feel the only person that in the modern who can hold a candle to me on the stick, whether I want to admit it or not, is CM Punk. Even though I beat him in his hometown of Chicago, verbally. Absolutely bent him over with my mic skills.

“Do I think Roddy Piper is the only person that could go toe-to-toe with me on the stick in the history of professional wrestling? The answer’s yes. Was the man absolutely insane, and do I think we would have a barbaric match as well that would stand the test of time? Yes.

“I got a lot of people tell me that I remind of the Rowdy one, and I think that would be one hell of a match. So, that is my answer.”

The star was also asked about his favourite AEW match to date, and unsurprisingly he picked out his match with Punk as well as his clash with Darby Allin at Full Gear in 2021.

“I did not get into this industry to span moves like I’m in a video game,” MJF said. “I got into this industry to make money. Which match made my company the most money? That would be MJF versus CM Punk in a Dog Collar Match. Which match is probably going to go down as one of the greatest matches of all time? I think MJF versus CM Punk in a Dog Collar Match.

“But also, if we’re just talking strictly bell-to-bell, MJF versus Darby Allin, I think, is on the top of everybody’s list.”

MJF is currently locked in a battle with Wardlow, as Mr Mayhem attempts to break free from his contract with the leader of The Pinnacle. On the most recent episode of Dynamite, the Long Island native agreed to face Wardlow but not before outlining some added stipulations at a contract signing on May 11th.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.