MJF Introduces The Pinnacle, Takes Aim At The Inner Circle

The Pinnacle

After revealing the supergroup on last week’s Dynamite, MJF has revealed the intentions and goals of his brand-new supergroup: The Pinnacle!

On the March 10th edition of AEW Dynamite, The Inner Circle held a War Council following the group’s unsuccessful challenge for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Sammy Guevara made his return and exposed MJF’s intent to overthrow Chris Jericho, causing the group to turn on the 25-year-old. But they played precisely into MJF’s hand, allowing him to debut a new group who brutally beat down Jericho’s unit to close the show.

Now MJF has divulged more information regarding his new team during the St. Patrick’s Day Slam Dynamite special, dubbing the faction as ‘The Pinnacle’ and making it clear that they’re not done with The Inner Circle just yet!

“We are The Pinnacle. We are family. We will be the backbone of AEW for years to come. We will take every premier championship this great sport has to offer. And as The Pinnacle we will take what we want when we want. And right about now Chris, you know what we want? I think we want your lockerroom.

Oh, and Chris? Before I take that, and every single thing you hold near and dear to your heart in this world week after week with me and my boys, allow me to say something to you. Give you a little heart-warming message here. Hope I can get it right guys, it’s been six months… I’m better than you. And you know it!”

MJF had been intertwined with The Inner Circle since late last year when he and Wardlow became members of the group after picking up a shock win over Chris Jericho at Full Gear. MJF would continually butt heads with Sammy Guevara – eventually causing Guevara to quit the group – before he and Jericho went on to unsuccessfully challenge The Young Bucks at Revolution.

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