MJF Holds Talks With Tony Khan Over AEW Future

MJF Double or Nothing entrance

A new report has claimed that MJF didn’t fly home after Double or Nothing as he was scheduled to meet with Tony Khan, while rumours persist about his AEW future.

Back in March, it was reported that MJF and AEW President Tony Khan had what was described as a “heated discussion” as the star continued to court WWE in public.

For a number of months MJF has openly declared his intention to incite a bidding war for his services when his AEW contract expires in 2024. This has even played out on AEW television, as the ‘Salt of the Earth’ has repeatedly mentioned his contract status, as well as praising WWE in interviews.

As the weeks have progressed, it has appeared that MJF and Khan have come to a stand-off regarding a new deal.

The situation came to a head the day before Double or Nothing where the star no-showed a fan-fest event, and was scheduled to be on a plane heading out of Las Vegas.

This led many to believe that he may not appear at Double or Nothing the following day. One report went as far as to say that MJF is unhappy in AEW, and wants to make more money. Furthermore he’s looking to move to WWE to secure that big contract.

Come Double or Nothing the ‘Salt of the Earth’ appeared as scheduled, and was duly demolished by Wardlow, leaving on a stretcher.

During an appearance on the post-Double or Nothing media scrum, Tony Khan refused to get drawn into a discussion about the star.

In a fresh update from Fightful Select, it has now emerged that MJF didn’t fly home following the show, as he was scheduled to have a sit down meeting with Khan. However, the report states that it remains unclear as to whether this was genuine or a ‘work.’

Fightful again reiterate that the drama over Double or Nothing weekend didn’t start out as a work and was a very real situation, although it is unclear as to whether that has now changed. Despite the apparent combustible situation, AEW have made overtures to MJF regarding a new deal in recent weeks but were blown off.

While MJF arrived just before his match opened Double or Nothing, and left shortly after, it is unclear whether this was sanctioned by AEW. The report also notes that the show’s running order was finalised the night before the event.