MJF Heading Back To AEW Soon


A new report has claimed that MJF will be heading back to AEW “somewhat soon” following his two month long exile from the company.

On June 1st, MJF took to the ring on AEW Dynamite armed with a microphone and proceeded to deliver one of the most controversial and polarising promos in recent memory.

Following months of speculation regarding his future, including no-showing a signing just days before, the star verbally attacked AEW, company President Tony Khan and just about everyone in the locker room.

The promo wasn’t mentioned again on the show, and clips weren’t posted on social media as usual. In addition, MJF was removed from the AEW roster page and his merchandise was taken down from their online store.

However, it has now been reported that the Salt of the Earth could be heading back to the company in the very near future. Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has now suggested that MJF will be back “somewhat soon.”

“MJF is currently scheduled to be returning somewhat soon. We don’t know the exact time but the negotiations for a new TV deal will likely be taking place starting in just a few months and into the spring, so the TV ratings numbers probably September to whenever the deal is closed are the most important to date so this recent drop is the worst time to have a drop.

The landscape change of WWE becoming the “cool” promotion came at a bad time and AEW basically needs all hands on deck. In a sense, the AEW bad luck due to injuries to so many key people (C.M. Punk, Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega) along with MJF being out and the Hardy Boyz as an act being shelved all at the same time not to mention countless other injuries and the MJF angle may end up a blessing in disguise since all of them are expected back for the fall and winter.

Of course the reality is that people are still going to be getting hurt because that’s always the case, but the hope is that it’s more normalized. Obviously it’s disappointing that Danielson and Punk didn’t move numbers more, and that week one of Omega, unadvertised, didn’t either. But given the nature of MJF’ exit in Los Angeles, that would tell you Punk vs. MJF was the plan at least at that time for MJF’s return.”

It was recently reported that no one had spoken to the seemingly want-away star since his appearance on Dynamite on June 1st. The report also claimed that there is still some within WWE that believe MJF wants to join WWE.