MJF Has “Zero Interest” In Visiting Scotland

MJF Irn Bru

MJF is an international performer, having made several travels across the border throughout his career. He’s previously embarked on three tours of England alongside a single date worked in Ireland, which saw journeys to top companies such as Revolution Pro Wrestling and Over The Top Wrestling, as well as two reigns with the LDN Capital Wrestling Championship.

Though he was once a semi-regular in England, MJF never ventured across to Scotland and as long as he has his way, he’ll never enter the glorious country. As part of his recent Twitter Q&A, ‘The Salt of the Earth’ stated he has “zero interest” in visiting Scotland, let alone working a show there.

Irn Bru Off The Table For MJF

MJF’s lack of interest in ever coming to Scotland will see the AEW World Championship number one contender miss out on such luxuries as Irn Bru, rowies, and a deep-fried Mars Bar. Taking this into account, it’s no surprise that MJF reportedly never wants to turn babyface – how could anyone cheer someone who doesn’t want to enjoy the taste of a freshly made rowie?

If he’s still game for enjoying the lifestyle of England on another tour, perhaps some can be transported down to him. Seriously, who would choose to roam the streets of London, Manchester, Newcastle, and Liverpool when you can instead enjoy a nice quiet night out in Brokenwind, Butts Wynd, Twatt, and Hell? Before you question them, yes, these are all real places in Scotland.

Perhaps MJF can be tempted over to Scotland with a visit to the Spotty Bag Shop, where he can purchase a new scarf, Christmas socks, and Halloween-scented wax melts, do his grocery shopping, and have his lunch all under the same roof. Maybe then, and only then, the three-time AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring holder will be better than you.