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“MJF Has No Ceiling” – Shawn Spears


Shawn Spears has opened up about just what makes MJF such a special talent, saying his Pinnacle partner has “no ceiling” in wrestling.

Speaking with Inside The RopesKenny McIntosh, The Pinnacle’s Shawn Spears noted MJF’s “confidence” and pin-pointed three names as the future of the company.

” Well, Max has no ceiling. Anybody that’s worked with him or anybody that has watched him perform… It’s a confidence and that’s what it all boils down to. He’s very confident in his abilities. He’s very confident in the way he speaks and how he presents himself. Max, if you watch any of the interviews or you see him at any signings back in the day or anything like that, he stays true to who he is. What you see from MJF is what you get. Obviously, he treats the average person just like the same way. The Pinnacle is more of a tight-knit group. Max could possibly be the face of AEW. We believe in building towards the future and guys like MJF and Jungle Boy, Darby Allin – they’re going to be the guys that lead AEW for the next 10, 15, 20 years. Long after guys like me who have already had their 20 years in are gone.”

Noting the one thing MJF lacks as “experience”, Spears discussed how The Pinnacle can plug that one gap in MJF’s skill-set to prepare him to be the best performer he possibly can be.

“When you can take a guy like MJF, who’s already very good, the only thing he lacks is experience. That’s it. And that’s not his fault. He’s just, he’s only got X amount of years in. As time goes on, he’ll develop his own experience. But when you surround him with guys like myself that have 19-plus years and FTR that got there 15, 16, 17 years in. Tully Blanchard, who’s a genius who has 30 years in this industry, you’re only going to help groom MJF’s mentality, you combine that with his already sharp tongue, his in-ring ability, his athleticism. The guy is a dynamo in the making. So that’s interesting for me to see because I can kind of see where he’s going. Eventually it’s just going to be up to Max in terms of how much he wants to do and how hard he wants to work.”

Meanwhile, when discussing the formation of The Pinnacle, Spears revealed how it actually happened at ringside as he conversed with MJF.

“So I get asked this a lot, and I think it’s because people are still have a hard time believing it – but it is absolutely true. These conversations for The Pinnacle finally coming together started at the beginning of the pandemic when MJF and myself were sitting ringside betting on matches and having some fun, and eating and drinking wine, and all that kind of stuff. That’s when those conversations legitimately started to form. It was just a matter of… And it wasn’t a passing, ‘Hey, it’d be great to put a group together.’ It was like, ‘No, let’s… Let’s think about this for a minute. What if…? What if we kind of piece this together?’ The main thing was who we were going to bring on board. If you look at AEW’s roster, they are stacked. But it’s not just about talent. It’s about who you can trust. It’s about guys that are just as like-minded as you are in terms of passion, in terms of hungry, chips on their shoulder, guys that are pissed off. If you have a collective group of guys that have all the talent in the world like The Pinnacle does and they’re pissed off at the same time – woo, those guys are going to be hard to stop. So it was a matter of who we were going to get into The Pinnacle once those conversations started. But that’s when they started, legitimately, at ringside over a year ago.

The fallout from AEW Blood & Guts is available to watch tonight via TNT in the US and via Fite TV around the globe. You can read the full interview here.