MJF – “Fire Me Tony! Fire Me You F*cking Mark!”


MJF goes on expletive-laden rant on AEW Dynamite, hitting out at fans as well as Tony Khan, incredibly begging the AEW President to fire him.

After a chaotic weekend in Las Vegas before, during and after Double or Nothing, the world held it’s collective breath as AEW Dynamite began, after it was announced that MJF would be given a live microphone.

Standing front and centre in the middle of the ring, an irate MJF proceeded to cut down the fans in front of him, the fans watching at home, his colleagues, and even his boss. To say that the star went on the offensive would be an understatement. The ‘Salt of the Earth’ unloaded his pent up frustration and then some.

MJF said that he was in a lot of pain, but all anyone wanted was to hear him talk, so he was giving them Max Friedman. In front of a shocked crowd, the star wasted little time in taking aim at Tony Khan, referencing the recent merger between Warner and Discovery, commenting that it would be a shame if something bad happened with a number of executives in attendance.

The star also referenced reports that he was supposed to have a sit down with Khan, before describing it as too little too late. He continued by saying that despite his achievements he gets no respect, adding that he’s always under the microscope as he’s carrying the company. MJF quickly turned on the fans, some of which were cheering him, asking “where were you when you were calling me an “unprofessional piece of sh*t?”

Next on MJF’s hit list were his fellow AEW wrestlers in the back, as he accused them of wanting his spot. Not that it matters, he said they can have it as he “doesn’t want to be here anymore,” before branding the fans “uneducated marks” who “don’t know sh*t.”

However, MJF saved his most venomous attack until last, giving his colleges and then Tony Khan both barrels. He said that he “doesn’t pretend to watch New Japan” or chase star ratings, naming himself the best in the world, adding doesn’t have to do “bullsh*t” to get people to care. He proceeded to say that the “big man in the back” took him for granted.

He went on to call Khan “stat boy Tony” as he pointed to the ratings success of his segments. But then things went up another level. MJF called out Khan over his contract, accusing his boss of hoarding money to give to “ex-WWE guys” who aren’t fit to lace his boots. He continued by asking “hey boss would you treat me better if I was an ex-WWE guy?”

In closing he screamed that he didn’t want to wait until he 2024, he wanted out now, begging Kahn to fire him.

“Fire me Tony! Fire me you f*cking mark!”

As MJF continued to rant, the microphone and lights were cut off as the show went to a commercial.

It was recently reported that a number of former WWE Superstars including Christian, Mark Henry, Malakai Black, Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk are earning up to five-times more than MJF is. This is despite him receiving a pay-rise in January.

It was reported on May 30th that MJF didn’t head home following Double or Nothing, instead he was scheduled to have a sit down meeting with AEW President Tony Khan.