MJF Faces Backlash After Causing Child To Break Down During AEW Revolution

MJF shrugging

No one is safe from MJF.

The AEW World Champion found a new victim for his abhorrent behaviour, a young child in the audience of the Revolution pay-per-view.

MJF Throws Drink Onto Young AEW Fan

MJF was scheduled to defend the title in a 60 minute Ironman match against Bryan Danielson. During the match, the champ took a detour into the crowd. Snatching the drink from a fan, the generational talent then proceeded to dump the liquid onto the child, who was later named as Titus.

In a follow-up report by Fightful Select, it has been stated that the young fan was not a plant, and security would check on Titus after the event took place. It is also being reported that Amanda Huber would go to join the child after the incident, and that he would be going backstage after the show.

AEW President Tony Khan addressed the controversial actions by the World Champion in the post show press conference. Khan would state that the champion was spoken to about what happened, while also praising the professionalism of the young fan:

“Before we came up here, we had a serious conversation and I mean that. It’s not to be taken lightly. The young man Titus was a real pro about it. We’ll see Titus again in AEW. I believe Titus is actually coming to Sacramento. I was just with him, he was a real champ about it. The champion didn’t act like a champion there. I think Titus was great.”

Rarely at a loss for words, MJF would comment on why he chose to throw a drink over Titus:

“[The] kid looked thirsty. Salt of the Earth, that Titus. Real worried about him.”

Later in the press conference, the World Champion would go on a verbal tirade targeted at the All Elite Wrestling roster, with the champ stating that one wrestler in particular “should keep his f*cking mouth shut.”

H/t to EWrestlingNews for the use of transcriptions.