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MJF Denies Running Facebook Account That Trashes WWE


MJF has taken to social media to confirm that he does not run a Facebook page that constantly bashes WWE that uses his name. The AEW star wants to clear up the confusion after several posts made have been attributed to him. Friedman complained that the false quotes have been picked up by sections of the wrestling press.

MJF tweeted:

“There’s an article every week about me s******g on someone in WWE and the reference is always this a*****e on Facebook pretending to be me. Wild people still are so dumb.”

Friedman was responding to a fan who had asked if the Facebook account was indeed his own. The Inner Circle member would add:

“For the 1000th time I’m not on Facebook.”

MJF is known for his brutal putdowns on social media whether it’s to his in-ring rivals or even those who support him. The 2-time Dynamite Diamond winner joined Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle after defeating the ‘Demo-God’ at Full Gear in 2020.

MJF and Jericho have formed a tag-team within the Inner Circle. In an ‘Inner Circle Tag Team Challenge’ on Dynamite, the duo defeated four other members of the group. Following a distraction from Wardlow, MJF was able to roll up Sammy Guevara while holding a handful of tights.

MJF has received plenty of plaudits for his work in All Elite Wrestling. He was lauded by the New York Times as one of the performances of 2020 following ‘Le Dinner Debonair’ with Jericho. That moment was also nominated for AEW’s own awards, the winners of which were revealed on Dynamite on TNT.