MJF Comments On WWE’s Merger With UFC


On April 3rd, the news broke that WWE had been sold to Endeavor and would be merging with UFC to form a new $21 billion publicly traded company.

Since the merger was unveiled, many figures in the wrestling world have given their opinion on the pros and cons of the move. The latest of these is AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman, a man who has made it abundantly clear that he is interested in jumping to WWE when his current contract expires in 2024.

On the same day the merger was announced, Friedman was being presented with the Key to the town of Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY.

After the ceremony, he spoke to media and was asked his opinion on the deal. The star said it was exciting for wrestling, pointing out that a “rising tide lifts all ships” before turning the conversation back to himself.

“It’s exciting. A rising tide lifts all ships. The more professional wrestling is in the media, the better, which is why, as World Champion, the best thing Tony Khan ever did was give me the opportunity to wrestle for the belt and beat that loser Jon Moxley so I can rise the ship that is All Elite Wrestling.

“Now, AEW, when you talk about professional wrestling, you can’t not talk about AEW and you damn sure can’t not talk about Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

“So, I think both companies right now are white hot, I think in my opinion, [holding up the Triple B – BIG BURB, the AEW World Heavyweight Championship] this is THE belt.

“If you want to be at the pinnacle of our profession, as a professional wrestler, this is the belt to win, this is the belt to hold, and I’m the guy to beat.

“Ain’t nobody gonna beat me, because I’m a Long Islander and you can’t beat a Long Islander.” (H/T SEScoops)

Tony Khan almost changed MJF’s character

Ahead of beating Jon Moxley, The Salt Of The Earth had found himself in the unusual position of having the backing of the fans. The star was being cheered wherever he went, even during the title match itself.

However, following his win, he reverted to villainous form and the crowd is back to loving to hate the Burberry-clad star.

Speaking to the LA Times, Tony Khan revealed the change to a babyface almost stuck, but he realised that the company is at it’s best when he’s a heel.

“I listen to the fans. When the reactions were so massive, I had to at least think about [making MJF a good guy], but MJF is the world’s best young pro wrestler and one of the best pro wrestling heels of any age I’ve ever seen and I think his ability to antagonize the other wrestlers and the crowd is unparalleled. AEW is at its strongest when MJF is at his worst as a villain.”