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MJF Asks WWE Superstar “When Are We Going Out For Steak?”


Despite his on-screen personality AEW star MJF seems to have made a friend across the wrestling divide as he asks a WWE Superstar out for a steak dinner.

The loudmouth Long Island native has long been Twitter friends with WWE’s Happy Corbin as the two frequently exchange friendly messages of support for one another.

Taking to social media once again to show his disdain for anything that isn’t himself, MJF complained that he had to attend a signing in Albany, New York, suggesting he should up his price because of the location.

Happy Corbin responded with a GIF of The Rock from his smash hit Jungle Cruise movie where Dwayne Johnson declares “The price just went up.”

MJF then got straight to the point and asked Corbin when the two men were going out for steak. Happy Corbin replied, “Anytime” before adding that the wrestling stars would have to rent an entire steakhouse for themselves to keep the “peasants” out.

Followers of Happy Corbin on Twitter will know that he is a connoisseur of steaks and all things meat as he frequently shares his exploits on the grill or smoker.

MJF and Corbin might have more time to go for steaks together if MJF is the subject of a bidding war between AEW and WWE when his AEW contract comes up for renewal in 2024. The three-time Dynamite Diamond ring winner reminded everyone of that fact on Dynamite after CM Punk cost him a match against Captain Shawn Dean.