MJF Admits He Doesn’t Even Like Wrestling, Claims He’s “Using This Sport Like A Succubus”


MJF reveals he will never be seen again once he is done with wrestling.

Not one to shy away from saying how he really feels, MJF has admitted he doesn’t like wrestling and that he is “sucking the life out of it”

Speaking to Sam Roberts on the Not SamWrestling podcast, the AEW star discussed his goals in wrestling:

“It’s always been about money. It’s not a friend business. It’s show business. It’s business. It’s a pro wrestling business. It’s also a sport. Don’t get me wrong. But within that sport, there’s a business. My goal has always been to make the most amount of money to then use that to transcend and enter into the Hollywood sphere, and then literally leave all of my fans in the dust and pretend I never knew they existed in the first place.”

When asked by the host if he was not one of the guys who would always have an appreciation for the wrestling world, MJF responded:

“I don’t even like wrestling. Here’s the thing. I studied it. I had to in order to be the best. I think through studying it, I grew an appreciation towards professional wrestling, but once I’m done with wrestling, you will never see me again. I am using this sport like a succubus. I am sucking the life out of it, the blood, the money, and then I will be gone.

I’ve already booked a huge movie. I am not allowed to announce what it is, but it will be happening and it will be announced soon. The people in Warner Bros. Discovery are crazy high on MJF, coming up with potential ideas for MJF outside of the wrestling sphere. There’s also a podcasting opportunity that has been thrown my way that I am considering”

MJF also blamed Tony Khan for him missing a meet and greet scheduled for before Double Or Nothing, saying his boss was being “a f*cking mark.

h/t WrestlingNews.co