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The Miz Recalls Cutting A Promo In Vince McMahon’s Face

Miz Vince McMahon

The Miz recalled the time he got in Vince McMahon’s face and cut a promo on the WWE Chairman.

Fomer WWE Champion The Miz is no stranger to cutting scathing promos on his opponents in the ring, having earned his place among some of the best talkers in WWE history after years of work on the microphone.

Speaking to former WWE writer Freddie Prinze, JR. on Wrestling with Freddie, the self-proclaimed most must-see Superstar explained that he doesn’t like scripting his promos and also detailed the time he impressed the WWE Chairman when he got in his face during a promo class.

“Promo class started with like me and six other people and Vince as the teacher. You’re petrified like ‘oh my God’ because Vince is your teacher. Vince was like, ‘everyone get a promo for next week. You’ll cut it in front of the class and tell about your character.’

“I like to go off the cuff. When I feel challenged, I don’t want to write it all down, I want to have bullet points in my head. A lot of people had their script and were memorizing. Vince saved me for last. Five people went before me and then I was called. I had this tea and tiny straw. I took a sip and was like, ‘Now you have all talked, it’s time for me to talk.’

“Literally, I ripped everyone apart and then I went and got in Vince’s face and started cutting a promo on him.”

Vince McMahon and Raw head writer Brian Gewirtz were impressed with the passion Miz showed in this promo. They were so impressed, in fact, that the promo ended up being used on television shortly thereafter.

“After that class, Vince came up to me and was like, ‘I knew you could finish it off strong and good. You were so into it.’

“The next week, I cut a promo, almost the same promo outside the locker room — our head writer for Raw was in the promo class and was jotting stuff down as ammo for the next week and what we had for our characters to maybe drive something for the show — Brian was like, ‘You’re going to cut the same promo on TV next week.’

It was the one where I’m standing outside the locker room and I cut a promo heading into the arena. Some people said it was best promo I’ve ever cut.”

On a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, The Miz brought in another master of the microphone Eric Bischoff to officiate his vow renewal ceremony with his wife Maryse. The ceremony ended in tragedy as Edge, who is scheduled to face The Miz at WWE Day One, soaked the happy couple in a brutal Broodbath and ruined their special day.

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