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Miro Reveals Which Name He Considered Using After Leaving WWE [Exclusive]

Miro AEW and Jon Moxley comment

Miro exploded onto AEW television two months ago, using his real name – or a variation of it – after performing as ‘Rusev’ for over a decade in WWE.

Did the Best Man ever consider wrestling under a different moniker, though? Miro told Inside The Ropes in an exclusive interview.

“No, but the only thing… When I was joking about it, when I was in WWE, I was like, ‘When I leave here, I’m going to be Rusev with a double F!’

“But then I thought, ‘This is just so petty because this is not me,’ and I really wanted it to be me because I believe we perform best when we feel most comfortable – and I just feel most comfortable just being myself.”

Miro would also reveal how “being himself” has been important.

“I don’t care what you think about my gimmick. I don’t care about any of these things because, quite honestly, I don’t care. I am The Best Man, man. You’ve got to understand that I’ve been pushed down for way too long that.

“If I had come to AEW and become champion on day one, there were going to be 90 other million people who were going to be like, “Oh, well, look at this. He’s just another a former WWE guy just coming in and taking the title. And look, we have Hangman Page and the Bucks, and everybody else is just waiting for their opportunity.”

“If you go by making fans happy, that’s just impossible. That’s why I’m going to do me, because I know how to do me better than anybody else.”

You can read the entire interview here.

Thanks to Miro for taking the time, and to All Elite Wrestling for setting up the chat. You can follow Miro on Twitter here and on Twitch here. You can watch Miro on AEW Dynamite every Wednesday at 1am via Fite TV.

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