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Miro Remembers Brodie Lee Attending His Wedding

Rusev Wedding

Miro recently shared memories of the late Jon ‘Brodie Lee’ Huber, noting how Brodie was one of the few pro wrestlers to attend his wedding.

The former Rusev married Catherine Perry, known in WWE as Lana, in 2016. Also appearing onscreen together during this time, the pair married on a beach in Malibu. Miro remembers the wedding as having a specific guest list, with few WWE employees being invited.

During a recent Twitch stream, Miro recalls inviting Lee, and a select number of other WWE performers:

“Jon was there, man. There was not many WWE people. There was not many wrestlers at all. But Jon was there. I invited Jon, I think Ryback, Ziggler, Miz. I think The Bellas and [Daniel] Bryan, I don’t know who else was there. But I wanted Brodie there. I wanted Brodie there, for sure.

This was 2016, so I’d known Brodie… I don’t even think that many years, maybe 3 years, no 4 years maybe I’d known Brodie at this point. But that was enough man, to know that he was a good person. I remember he text me about dressing up, but it was a beach wedding of course. But, I don’t know. He showed up perfect.”

Another WWE guest in attendee that day was Ryback. The former Intercontinental Champion shared photos of the event on Instagram, including a picture of Miro, Brodie and Ryback messing around in a photo booth.

Miro further opened up about the loss of his friend, Brodie Lee, admitting that he shied away from social media following the passing of Brodie:

“We’re definitely going to miss him. And it just sucked when it happened. We’re taking a good break. I am the type of person who kind of like shuts things out. And that’s what I did. I don’t respond to people. I don’t care about Twitch, Instagram, phones, computers or anything like that. And I’m not saying that’s the right way. That’s most likely the worst way of dealing with somebody’s death.”

Miro continued to show pictures from his phone of Brodie Lee, including scenes from his wedding day. One picture shows the pair in the ring during their time in WWE. Miro describes Lee’s intent to find that particular picture of the two in the ring together, and have it framed as a wedding present. However, he was never able to track the photo down. Now that Miro has found it, he plans to have it made into a poster, as a tribute to Lee:

“So he wanted to send this as a wedding present, but he claimed for years that he couldn’t find the picture. And now that I’ve found it, I’m going to make a nice little poster and put it in my room.”

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