Miro Philosophically Responds To Lana’s WWE Release


Following the recent WWE release of Lana, Miro has taken to Twitter to seemingly comment on his wife’s departure from the company.

Lana was amongst several wrestlers released from WWE this week. Braun Strowman, Buddy Murphy, Ruby Riott, Aleister Black and Santana Garrett were all announced as having exited the company. Lana’s name was also a part of the fateful list, ending her eight-year stint with WWE.

As the news broke online of this latest list of ‘future endeavours’, countless performers and fans alike took to social media to share this thoughts, frustrations and comments on the developments.

One such post came from Lana’s former onscreen and real life husband, Miro. Known as Rusev in WWE, the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ was subject to release by the company in April 2020 following budget cuts, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, Miro has seemingly commented on Lana’s WWE exit, with a subtle yet damning jab at the company:

You can’t soar with the eagles if you’re hanging with the turkeys.

Though this statement isn’t confirmed as a direct comment toward WWE, the Twitter post appeared shortly after news of Lana’s edit circulated online.

Lana herself would take to social media to thank fans for their support during her time in WWE. In a heartfelt Twitter post, she would reminisce on her time in World Wrestling Entertainment:

I will never forget the fans, and the love they showed me. Whether it was a tank, power-suits, flags, CRUSH, Rusev, 900 partners, weddings or tables: I tried to always entertain you, and you definitely elevated me. Thank you.

Naturally, online speculation has lead fans to wonder if Lana will re-join her husband onscreen and sign with All Elite Wrestling. Miro would debut with the company shortly after his WWE release, and currently reigns as the AEW TNT Champion.

Further details and a full list of recently released WWE performers can be found here.