Miro Opens Up On Being Made Homeless In America


Miro now finds himself with a luxurious lifestyle – but things weren’t always this cushy for the one-time AEW TNT Champion.

‘The Redeemer’ has been a man in the spotlight for almost a decade now, having risen up through WWE and now being signed to All Elite Wrestling. When he first moved to America, however, things weren’t quite as lavish for Miro.

Speaking with former WWE colleague Renee Paquette on her Sessions podcast, Miro recalled being made homeless after losing his job as a house painter:

“I was supposed to work for three months…but after the first month I got kicked out, I got fired. They told me I was not good at my job, I was a painter of houses in Richmond, Virginia. I had to paint outside houses and I had never done this in my life. I am not saying I was good at my job but to fire me and to kick me out on the street, kick me out of the house – because they provided the housing.

I was in America for one month then I got kicked out with $150 on the street in America! There was a couple guys that I knew from work, they were like, ‘Okay, come live with us – I was 20, I took a huge debt to come to America, about $5000 and this Bulgaria, so $5000 in Bulgaria in 2005 oh my gosh.”

The real-life Miroslav Barnyashev initially moved to the United States in the mid-2000s, getting a start in pro wrestling by training under WWE veterans Gangrel and Rikishi. His WWE deal was confirmed in September 2010, where – under the name of (Alexander) Rusev – he was a three-time United States Champion.

Miro is now signed to All Elite Wrestling, having been let go from WWE in April 2020. Debuting with the Tony Khan-helmed promotion that September, Kip Sabian’s former ‘Best Man’ was a dominating TNT Champion between May and September 2021. He returned to television after a lengthy hiatus at the start of June.

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