Miro Comments On Rumors That He And CJ Perry Have Separated

Miro & CJ Perry

AEW fans haven’t seen the former TNT Champion Miro in months. His last match was in September of last year when he teamed with Darby Allin and Sting to take on Malakai Black, Brodie King and Buddy Matthews of The House of Black at All Out.

However, his lengthy absence isn’t due to injury but creative issues. According to reports he is willing and ready to return but waiting for the promotion to create a strong storyline for his comeback.

During his hiatus, he addressed the situation when asked about it by NEWS x MUSE at the premiere of Disney’s National Treasure: Edge of History in December 2022.

“It’s not up to me. I’m doing anything I can. And from then on, I’m just sitting and waiting for the opportunity.”

Have Miro And CJ Perry Split Up?

During his time off he and his wife CJ Perry regularly post images of themselves together on social media. However, some of Perry’s recent pictures have caused certain fans to question their relationship status.

The rumours of a breakup began after Perry posted images and videos of herself without Miro hanging out with Liv Morgan and Damian Priest in Puerto Rico in the lead-up to Backlash.

A Twitter user replied to a selfie post from Perry on the island. For some reason, the user took the picture as proof that the longtime couple have split up.

The former WWE Superstar was tagged in the rumour mill about his relationship breakdown and responded in a hilarious fashion.

Didn’t you know she is with Bobby Lashley still

During his time in WWE, he was accompanied by his wife CJ Perry. The couple was then known as Rusev and Lana and were a major part of the company. One of the big storylines involving the duo revolved around Lana leaving Rusev for Lashley.

Lana then “divorced” her husband and was set to marry Lashley, however, the wedding was ruined when Liv Morgan revealed she was in a relationship with her. The angle resulted in Rusev teaming with Morgan to face the newlyweds in several matches before he left the company to join Tony Khan’s promotion.