Miro, Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford Respond To Jim Cornette’s Controversial Comments


AEW star Miro has called out Jim Cornette after the author and podcaster referred to Penelope Ford as “slutty” on his latest podcast.

Cornette had mentioned that Miro looked like he had been “paired with a high schooler and his slutty girlfriend” on Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru podcast.

“He’s being allowed to be himself and he is obviously a complete f***ing goof. He has no idea how to get over. No idea what got him over for a little while before in the other company. He does this stupid shit and obviously he’s enjoying himself doing it. He was paired with a f***ing kid that looks like he’s in middle school and his slutty girlfriend to have a feud with a guy that sticks his hands in his pockets and another guy who looks like he cuts his hair with a pencil sharpener. Job guy, underneath, all the way, and he has embraced this instead of saying, ‘No, Tony Khan, you make me top guy or I go “f***k you” and humble you’.”

Miro would respond by tagging Jim Cornette and saying:

“If you call Penelope Slut again I’ll come like Gods wrath on you! You understand. I’ll personally drive to Your BASEMENT.”

The Best Man would follow up by saying people like Jim Cornette “bring not only pro wrestling down, but young women and men get abused and name called for 40 views on YouTube” before adding, “Answer me, you mark.

Meanwhile, both Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford would respond to the comments, with Sabian adding:

“I’ll be riding shotgun. Although we will let her kick beat the piss out of him. Just like he watches his wife, right captain cuck @TheJimCornette”

Ford would respond to a tweet which claimed Cornette had never called her a “slut”, adding:

“I mean he has multiple times… but he lets people f*** his wife while he watches, so what does he think of her… but she’s probably the only person besides himself he feels bad for because his little d*** can’t please her after five blue chews & needs other men to do it for him.”

Jim Cornette would later respond via a tweet posted on the Inside The Ropes Twitter account, calling Miro a “toothless lamb about to p*** off a wolf” and firing a warning shot at the Bulgarian star.

“Bluto, somebody that’s known me for awhile better sit down & tell you why you’re making a DRASTIC error trying to joust with me before I make you wish you’d never TRIED to learn English. You’re a toothless lamb about to piss off a wolf & I just want you to be aware of your peril”

Cornette then added:

“Aww, f*** it. This’ll be too good to pass up. Somebody tell noted video game nerd and Popeye villain wannabe @ToBeMiro that I’m not gonna waste THIS tonguelashing in pieces on Twitter, it’ll come this Tuesday on the Drive-Thru podcast–and it will be glorious. Don’t tell Penelope”

While speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy in 2020, Miro would open up about criticism of his debut, saying the only thing he would change was wearing a pink Mickey Mouse t-shirt, before blasting critics for being impatient.

“If I could have found the pink Mickey Mouse shirt, I would have gone out with that – because I don’t care what you think about my clothing. I don’t care what you think about my gimmick. I don’t care about any of these things because, quite honestly, I don’t care. I am The Best Man, man. You’ve got to understand that I’ve been pushed down for way too long that, all of a sudden, for me to start listening to fans – or to not even fans, because those are not fans, those are just critics – because fans just enjoy what you give to them. Critics are completely different.

The former WWE United States Champion would also go on to say there would have been critique even if he had come in as a dominant star on day one.

“But if I had come to AEW and become champion on day one, there were going to be 90 other million people who were going to be like, “Oh, well, look at this. He’s just another a former WWE guy just coming in and taking the title. And look, we have Hangman Page and the Bucks, and everybody else is just waiting for their opportunity.”

“So you have that. So, if you go by making fans happy, that’s just impossible. That’s why I’m going to do me, because I know how to do me better than anybody else.”

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