Minoru Suzuki Smashes Through The Forbidden Door And Into AEW

Minoru Suzuk

New Japan legend Minoru Suzuki has kicked down the forbidden door to get himself some of Jon Moxley!

At AEW All Out, Moxley went toe-to-toe with another Japanese legend in the form of Satoshi Kojima.

The match was as stunningly hard-hitting as one would expect with Kojima making a mockery of his veteran status. The Japanese star traded chops and strikes with Moxley earning a near fall with the Bakayaro elbow.

However, Moxley fought back hitting two DDT’s but it wasn’t enough to put the New Japan star away. As the match kicked into the final stages, Moxley dodged multiple lariat attempts from Kojima, hitting two Paradigm Shifts to grab the win. But the biggest story of the match was still to come.

As Moxley celebrated in the ring, “Kaze Ni Nare” played to a thunderous ovation from the capacity crowd.

Minoru Suzuki made his way to the ring getting straight in Moxley’s face. The pair traded hard strikes before Suzuki wrapped Moxley up in a rear-naked choke and left him laying with a piledriver.

In the weeks leading up to All Out, Jon Moxley laid down a challenge to anyone in Japan to come and challenge him. On the August 25th episode of Dynamite, Moxley cut a promo backstage saying that only Kajima had been brave enough to return a contract and answer his challenge. But the former AEW World Champion clearly hadn’t banked on the arrival of Suzuki.

Moxley and Suzuki famously met back in February of 2020 at The New Beginning in Osaka, where Moxley emerged victorious.