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Mike Rotunda Reveals Origins Of IRS & Why Character Would Work Today


Mike Rotunda has opened up about the origins of his IRS character – revealing why he believes it would still work today!

Speaking with WrestleZone‘s Bill Pritchard, Rotunda spoke to the origins of Irwin R Schyster as “Michael Wallstreet” in WCW, but says the character really took off after a few tweaks in WWE.

“It was kind of a spin-off of what I was doing at WCW. I started doing the Michael Wallstreet, coming off the movie Wallstreet and had a character similar, not as IRS. but as kind of a rich guy too. And I didn’t re-sign. They offered me an extension on my contract with WCW and I didn’t sign it so I contacted WWE and went back up there. And they kinda came up with the gimmick with Irwin. R. Schyster, and then it kinda got going and then they teamed Ted and I up and it took off so it was more on their part, you know. Because I knew too, going back there, there was a lot of different characters at the time. You know, that’s what that era had and so they basically came up with it and I had ideas too, once I got started doing it, to tweak it and it just really took off for me.”

Rotunda says IRS would still work today, in his opinion, because it speaks to real-life circumstance, as no-one beats taxes.

“I think it could work. But sometimes when you try to duplicate something, people don’t like that either. You know, so I think it is a gimmicky type situation that could work this day and age. You’d probably have to tweak it a little bit. But I mean, no one likes paying taxes so it’s a natural beat-getter, and the I.R.S. can come down on people and put them through hell, so it still is, you’re gonna pay taxes and you’re gonna die someday. Death and taxes. Nobody beats it.”

Full interview is available via WrestleZone.