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Mike Rotunda Believes Vince McMahon Didn’t Give Bo Dallas A Chance

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The former Bo Dallas spent thirteen years under WWE contract but despite his handful of championships reigns, his father believes he never got a fair chance.

The real-life Taylor Rotunda, who most famously performed for WWE under the guise of Bo Dallas, didn’t exactly have the greatest time in WWE. Often used as an enhancement talent, Dallas would eventually get his big break when he and Curtis Axel were aligned with The Miz.

Bo Dallas would ultimately be let go from WWE in April 2021, leaving behind him three championship reigns. Of those, he enjoyed 50 days as Raw Tag Team Champion alongside Curtis Axel, and 280 days in his run as NXT Champion.

His father, WWE legend Mike Rotunda, has now declared that Bo never received a fair chance in WWE. Talking to WWE Hall of Famers John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield and Gerald Brisco on their Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw podcast, the former multi-time World Tag Team Champion compared the WWE career trajectories of Dallas and his other son, Windham Rotunda, the former Bray Wyatt (h/t Sportskeeda):

“They were both successful. Vince I don’t think gave my younger son Taylor a chance, because Taylor’s a hell of a worker. He really is. You can’t teach that timing and stuff, and Windham had a great gimmick. He got over because he could talk. It was a unique situation, so I’m proud of them both.”

Bo Dallas has previously stated that he wished he could’ve worked with his brother in WWE. Speaking on a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, Dallas revealed that their respective roles in the company prevented this from occurring (h/t POST Wrestling):

“We always wanted to work together for a very long time ‘till we both got comfortable enough to where we were like, ‘I just wanna be on our own. I wanna be on my own trajectory’ and when that happened, we both wanted to be alone and neither one of us were like – he was with The [Wyatt] Family and I was with Social Outcasts, we wanted to be together but we wanted to prove ourselves to our families more than anything so we accepted whatever we were given to get past that. Now, we’re past that.”

Bo Dallas’ WWE career came to an end on 15 April 2021, as he was part of the infamous Black Thursday releases. He last wrestled at a WWE live event on 13 November 2019, though he’s stated his intent to soon return to the ring.