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Mike Chioda Discusses Vince McMahon Rib That Caused A Concussion

Vince McMahon

Legendary referee Mike Chioda recalled Vince McMahon encouraging a rib that backfired and caused a cameraman to suffer a concussion.

As a WWE referee for over 31 years, Mike Chioda became well familiar with the hectic travel schedule that working for the company requires. As such, WWE employees don’t often get the chance to sleep very much while on the road.

Speaking on his Monday Mailbag podcast (available via AdFreeShows), Chioda recalled that Vince McMahon often got even less sleep because he would go to the gym at odd hours of the night after arriving in the next town on a WWE tour.

“When Vince used to get in, he’d get on his charter, get into the next town, everybody would drive four hours, he would get in 30 minutes, and he would get in one or two in the morning and go to the gym. His trainers would be sitting there waiting for him at the hotel waiting to go at three or four in the morning. He doesn’t give up, man.”

McMahon’s propensity to skip out on sleep for himself meant that he wasn’t always sympathetic to other people who needed rest, and this led to one cameraman suffering an unfortunate injury when the WWE Chairman egged on Mike Chioda to carry out a rib that backfired.

“Vince used to hate to see people sleep. This one camera guy, I love him, he was a great guy and I remember he said, ‘hey, cut him down.’ I remember I climbed all the way up this thing cause he had his hammock on something, and I cut it by his head and he went straight down into the steel. He had a concussion.

“I felt so bad, it backfired on me so much. We stopped in Ramstine Germany because we always did, and I remember, he had to go to the hospital there and he went back home. I remember apologizing and calling him and everything. I couldn’t say ‘Vince and them made me do it.’ I didn’t want to say that, I had to do it. I shouldn’t have listened to [Vince] but it was Vince and them guys, but the f***ing rib backfired.”

h/t WrestlingInc